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Fire Protection

Fire protection engineering is a crucial part of the whole building design. It is related to all other aspects of building design. Fire protection design is part mechanical (sprinklers, smoke detection), part electrical (emergency lighting, alarm systems), part architectural (means of egress), and part structural (fire resistance rating). It is therefore ideal to involve a fire protection design professional as early as possible in the project to properly coordinate the relevant elements with the other design professionals working on the project. This assures the building is optimized for safety and complies with local fire safety regulations. A fire protection engineer is responsible for the design of the following elements:

  • Analysis of Fire Hazards - We will carefully review what equipment, processes or other elements in the building can be a source of fire hazards to properly plan the relevant systems. 

  • Design of Fire Suppression System - This involves designing the sprinkler system layout and properly locate extinguishers to protect the occupants and limit property damage. It also involves making all required calculations and specifications to ensure the system functions properly and complies with local fire safety regulations. 

  • Design of Fire Detection and Communication Systems - pull stations, smoke detectors, loud speakers and fire alarm system design. 

  • Emergency Lighting and Signalization - Location of emergency lighting fixtures and  emergency exit indicators.  

Fire protection systems can be more or less complex depending on the type of building, the size of the building and local fire safety regulations. Leave it to us to determine the ideal solution for your needs. 


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