Heating, Ventillation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

A well-designed HVAC system is very important for any building. To assure that your building is comfortable for you and the other occupants, many elements must be taken into consideration. Depending on what type of building you own, the HVAC system should be well adapted to the building’s purpose. Our designs comply with the ASHRAE and SMACNA standards, which are the golden standards in HVAC Engineering. HVAC systems design includes the following elements: 

  • Heating and Cooling Load Calculations - This requires to establish winter/summer design weather conditions, consider the building envelope elements to determine thermal energy loss/gain, orientations of walls and roofs  to evaluate the sun's impact and evaluate the impact of lighting fixtures. 

  • Ventilation - Calculation of the ventilation rate based on the area factor and people factor as per ASHRAE Standard 62.1 and calculate the building's exhaust requirements based on equipment and processes taking place in the building.  

  • Zoning - Strategic determination of zones according to their function.This allows to control zones' temperature and humidity levels independently as needed. 

With many years of experience in designing efficient HVAC systems for buildings of all types and sizes, rest assured that your system will be optimized for your specific needs. We have a collaborative design approach and will work with you to ensure that your needs are met, your budget is respected and that your HVAC systems complies with all your local building regulations. We will analyze your building’s HVAC needs and requirements, perform all necessary load calculations, select the appropriate equipment and create the required blueprints.


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